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Using PowerPoint in the ESL Classroom, Article by Futonge Kisito

Description of our 55 Powerpoint Downloads.

PACK 1- Lessons for Kindergarten to Primary 1 (Absolute Beginners & Beginners)

  1. My ABC- Teach Letters of the Alphabet
  2. Animals - What's your favourite Animal?-Farm Animal lesson
  3. Animal Sound Effects: Use Animal Sound effects to do memory exercises
  4. My Birthday : How old are you- Teach numbers 1-10 while teaching kids to ask about age.
  5. My Body: This is my face: Teach parts of the body with this excellent lesson.
  6. Colors: Kids love colors- Use this lesson to teach them names of colors
  7. Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday etc. What day is today?
  8. Weather lesson- Short version- What's the weather like today?
  9. My family tree- Teach vocabulary related to family members
  10. Our Pets: Names of pets- iguana, lizard, snake etc.
  11. Shapes- What shape is this? Teach rectangle, square etc.
  12. Farm animals simplified
  13. Singular/ Plural- A peach, two peaches
  14. My toys : Teach kids the names of toys: Excellent also for teaching spelling
  15. Zoo Animals- What animals are in the zoo?

PACK 2 - Lessons for Primary 2 to 4 (Elementary)

  1. Clothes and weather lesson : It's cold, put on your sunglasses.
  2. Country names memory lesson : using flags and national hymns
  3. Drinks: What do you want to drink? orange juice, water etc.
  4. Food: Things we eat. cake, muffins, hamburger etc.
  5. Fruits: What fruit is this? Apple, banana etc.
  6. Helping at home: sweep the floor, clean etc.
  7. Jobs and occupations: What does he do?Policeman etc.
  8. Meat: sausages, beef, pork etc.
  9. Months of the year: January, February, March
  10. Phonetics: Vowel sounds phonetic lesson
  11. Prepositions of place: Where is the printer? behind, on, next to
  12. Quantifiers: A piece of cake, a slice of bread etc.
  13. Seasons: What season is this? Spring, summer, winter, Autumn
  14. Sports: What sport do you like? baseball, basketball, footballetc.
  15. Time: What time is it? It's ten o'clock.
  16. Transport: How do I get to the train station? By bus, by taxi
  17. Weather: What's the weather like today?(shorter version)
  18. Weather2: What's the weather like today? (Longer version)
  19. Where is he from? He is from Canada. Country names

PACK 3- English Lessons for Primary 5 to 7 Kids (Pre-intermediate)

  1. Comparatives: Which country is bigger? big, bigger
  2. Countries and capitals memory Game on Powerpoint
  3. Describing functions of a camera. Can it..? Does it..?
  4. Olympic sports: What games are usually played at the olympics?
  5. Petshop: Comparing the prices of animals: Parrots are as expensive as iguanas.
  6. Basic Polite expressions
  7. General Knowledge quiz: Geography, History, Science and Techno, culture
  8. Shopping for an Mp3 players(listening exercise- click on the picture to hear dialogue)
  9. Sport equipment: What do we need to play games with?-bat, helmet etc.
  10. Summer vacation: summer holiday activities.
  11. Superlatives: Which is the biggest...? Bi, bigger, the biggest.
  12. Travel: things to take: luggage etc.
  13. Travel: goint to go to Egypt: Using going to for future
  14. Vegetables: buying for vegetables
  15. What do we have to do? Job responsibilities
  16. electronic devices: The modern age

PACK 4 - General Vocabulary Lessons for Students

  1. Audio Devices: Teach vocabulary related to audion devices
  2. Basic Shopping expressions
  3. Computer Accessories
  4. Consumer Electronics-The modern age
  5. Electrical devices
  6. Office- office machines
  7. Office furniture
  8. 5 other devices we use- electric iron, telescope
  9. More prepositions( this one has no sound recording)
  10. Simple negotiation expressions
  11. Travelers English- Travel documents, passport etc.
  12. Video devices


FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q) How are the videos different from the ones on this site?
  • A) They are bigger in size and clearer. File size on internet 384 by 240- File size on CD 640 by 480 & 800 by 600.
  • Q) Why should I buy videos which are already free on this site?
  • A) Videos open slowly on the net. Also you may not always have access to the internet. Above all browsing offline is much faster.Also as earlier mentioned, the Videos on CD-ROM are larger and clearer.
  • Q) What language skills can students acquire through these videos?
  • A) Students can practice all four skill except writing- use our free worksheets to teach writing
  • Q) How is the learning accomplished?
  • A) Basically they see visuals and hear it read(listening), then they repeat(speaking & pronunciation), word pop out on the screen with the visuals(reading),- Generally, vocabulary is learnt while engaging and practising many other language skills.
  • Q) On what platform can we use this CD?
  • A) This is a CD-ROM with videos, but it is not same as the VCD you play on a DVD or VCD Player(machine)- A CD-ROM can only be used on a computer.
  • Q) How do I make payments?
  • A) Easy with PAYPAL- Click on the button below to pay by credit card or through your PAYPAL account.


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Reasons why you should use our materials

  • Tested and proven to be highly successful for teaching kids.
  • Embedded audio recording and sound effects to maximise memory of new words
  • For large classes with projectors, this CD is a lifesaver. For one to one teaching, nothing matches it's effectiveness.
  • Video tutorial included to help those who are not familiar with powerpoint.
  • Lessons that make teachers look professional- All done for you by an experienced kid teacher
  • Even as an experienced teacher, you may find yourself doing a poor lesson sometimes, because you did not have enough time to plan your lessons.
  • This is a free site and I would love to give you everything free as I have already done on the ESL Galaxy(one of my ESL sites) But unfortunately, this website is expensive to host. I am only a poor teacher with a meagre salary trying to help you out. 5 to 6 years ago I knew the difficulty of being a newbie in teaching. But after 5 to 6 years I have polished my skills and wish to share my stuff with teachers and parents in need. Also I like to save you lesson planning time.
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