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  •   Skills: reading, writing and spelling.
    How to Play:

    Levels: High Level Kids to teenagers
    Requirements: pen and paper and text excerpts.
    General Rules: Divide class into teams. In each team there is a reader and a writer.  Paste texts (usually short text) at the back of the class. Tell each the readers of each team that they will run to a text, read and memorize a part of it. As quickly as possible they will run  back and dictate the text to the writer in their group. The writer writes while s/he goes back to read more text. The group that finishes writing their text first wins.
     Runners (readers) cannot write the words. They must dictate what they read in the text to the student writing. They cannot help in the writing but they can tell him/her how to spell words.
        The team that finishes first wins and reads out the text to the class.
    Tips: Put students of mixed abilities together.

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