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I Spy : - ESL Vocabulary Game


   Skills- Vocabulary, speaking, reading and listening
  How to play
Teacher sticks pictures on the wall, or puts a number of flash cards on the floor. The teacher gives two students a flyswatter each. Suppose the teacher wanted to review animal vocabulary, the game will go like this. The teacher chooses an animal picture in his mind and says something like this, “I spy something with my little eye beginning with P”. The students with run to the cards and slam the flyswatters on the picture that starts with the letter P. If there is the picture of a pig on the floor that would certainly be what the student will hit and say. Suppose you had a number of flash cards with words beginning with P, you may choose to say something like this, “I spy with my little eye, two animals beginning with P”. or you may choose the ending letters.    Then the students run to the pictures, hit them with the flyswatters and say the word. Praise the student who gets it correct or both of them.
Other Variations:  Instead of saying I-spy + letter, you may choose to say I-spy + description. For example you have the picture of an elephant among the animal cards. You may choose to say, “I spy with my little a big animal with a long nose.”  


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