Basic Tips for Using Videos in ESL Classrooms

Videos: Have you ever wanted to use videos in your ESL classroom? Here are a few basic tips for using videos.

Like English songs English videos can be used for an assorted variety of language teaching and learning. The main difference lies in the fact that you see and hear. Television is however a lazy medium, providing little challenges for the mind, by spoon-feeding the mind with sounds and sights, thereby providing little room for one’s imagination to thrive. So how do we make this lazy medium a useful classroom tool? Lots of ideas come to mind.

  • How about turning of sound and asking students to create the dialogue from a scene?
  • Or how about, getting one part of the class to watch and describe to the others?
  • Yes! How about simply using a freeze frame technique where you watch and pause when it gets very interesting, then ask your students a number of questions about what happens next? View some worksheets on how to use videos. One video I often use is MR. BEAN. It is great for prompting students to describe what they just saw.

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Futonge Kisito 2006
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